Monday, January 4, 2010

unfinished plein air

Posted by Picasa this is what i had when i left the field...i was not happy with the colors....thought they were too dull, so i worked in the studio and used a little of my artistic license and ended up with the painting you think i should have left it alone? ....tell the truth.....i need some input!......actually, after looking at the one below, i can see the impression of an old car in front of the dark bush to the right.....maybe i will post another with an old car added....have i been painting alone for too long over Christmas?....


  1. How strange, Dana! My last blog of the year was far too dull.Yours have at least a very restful appearance and some buyers would love the muted colours!

  2. Wery nice both. But I prefer a little bit
    the initial masterpiece.Compliments.