Sunday, November 7, 2010

#112 "cotton pickin barn"

Posted by Picasa 11x14 oil on canvas panel…300.00.attempt at change....this is a scrape down(which i hear some artist are incorporating into their approach, but i did not see the demo) of semi finished painting.... am not sure of where this will take me....but i do know it is fun and satisfies the yearning to explore new creative avenues....this may be worked on some more tomorrow unless i get some feed back as to otherwise....this was plein air at the "cotton pickin" fair grounds in gay, ga. thanks to David Boyd for inviting us to paint with him and giving us a tour of the area.... it was beautiful and great fun SOLD


  1. This is beautiful, it almost has a monochromatic feeling to it. I think the scraping adds a wonderful texture to this and I love the way the vertical scraping really emphasizes the height of the barn.

  2. Happy new year Dana. I'm waiting to see your new wonderful landscape paintings. Claudio